Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shhhh...Kate has Bieber Fever

Kate has been so sick this week, but last night she ran a new fever...

Justin was watching the Celebrity All-Star Basketball game. Kate was in the room with him. When they introduced Justin Bieber she was beside herself and kept chanting his name.

It was so funny. Even this morning she asked her daddy to see Justin Bieber on the TV. (Sports Center was playing highlights of the game).

Here is a little video of Kate from last night... see her eyes light up when she says his name... she kills me. (You have to turn up the volume to hear her... she is whispering).

Justin Bieber really does something to little girls... Oh and adults... Justin (my Justin) actually voted for him to be MVP last night.

Excuse me, I now have to go download Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhh.

Have a great Saturday!

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