Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekly Picture: Brother, You Are My Best Friend

I am going to try to post a picture each week of my kids.

They are growing so fast... please make it slow down!

These pictures are my way of coping and trying to capture what they are like right now.

Kate told John this morning that he was her best friend. Please note that her best friend changes daily and today was the first time John was her best friend.

She was so cute and wanted him to play with her all morning.

Here is a picture of them in her play house this morning:

Here is a picture of them together from last week (this picture completely captures their personality):
Kate is in la la land and John is like "mama, you all are crazy".

Words cannot express how much I love them!

I have also started a new blog this week. 

It is called The Overwhelmed Woman: If you want to subscribe to the Overwhelmed Woman by email click here. (Each post will be emailed to you. Remember to confirm your subscription.) 

I have a variety of things I want to write about on The Overwhelmed Woman.  

I am going to keep this blog as more of an update for my family & friends on my kids, etc. If you want to subscribe to this personal blog enter your email in the box on the right.

I am also going to start posting my recipes over there. My goal is to post at least one recipe a week. 

Today I posted a recipe for Tonga Toast from Disney World... it is a "life changing experience". (I had to throw that in there for Deb, Jay, Katie and Chris.)

I guess all of this my way of handling how fast everything is going by.

How do you handle your kids growing up so quickly?

Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear.

Much love!

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