Monday, February 2, 2009

Did I really have to call the doctor six times?

Kate was sick for the first time yesterday. She was running a temperature, throwing up and not eating. I must say, I had no idea what to do. I didn't panic, but I may have if we weren't good friends with her doctor. We are pretty close with her doctor and his family, but did I really have to call him six times? (This was all in the matter of a couple of hours).

Looking back, he must have thought I was crazy. I called him after anything I did to update him on her status. I wanted him to look at her last night, but thought it would be a little ridiculous to have him leave the Super Bowl party (I supposed to go - Justin and one of our Youth Leaders were hosting it).

I took her into his office today and she just ended up have a stomach virus. He said that it would probably only last 24 hours... and it did. She seemed somewhat back to normal this evening.

Things I learned:
-Kate has the nicest and most patient doctor.
-I need to relax... she will be fine.
-Use common sense... I asked some pretty stupid questions.

Warning to my doctors:
Don't give me your cell phone number... I will call when there is a problem.

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