Monday, January 26, 2009

They Give Swim Lessons to Eight Month Old Babies?

Justin and I heard that the Golf and Athletic Club we are members at offered swim lessons and they start at six months. I wanted to start her at six months, but when she was six months old I didn't think she was quite ready. I called a couple weeks ago to get some information about it. The lessons are eight weeks long and not very expensive, so I signed up.

I was a little worried because my husband can be known for being very particular about our budget and I was afraid he was going to think I was crazy for signing her up. He was actually excited and thought it was great. We were both wondering what is was like and what they would do with her.

We went to our first lesson on Saturday. Justin and I were both able to go. We had so much fun. If you are wondering what they do.. they mainly play games and sing these cute little songs that teach them how to do different things. (Of course, at her age, it was mainly us kicking her legs and doing the arm motions for her). Yes, we did have to put her under and it wasn't as bad as we thought. They told us to blow in her face right before we dunk her. It causes her to take a breath and hold it for a second so she won't inhale the water... it worked.

Kate seriously didn't make a peep the whole class. She had no expression at all. She wasn't happy or upset. The teacher asked us if she talked and made sounds at home, because she was so even keeled. We assured the teacher that she does talk to us (and cry). We just think she was a little overwhelmed and taking it all in. Here are a couple pictures of her at her first swim lesson. You see the expression (or lack of).. this is what she looked like the entire class.
Oh.. and for some of you that know it is 30 degrees here and just saw our snow pictures from last week.. they do the lessons at the INDOOR pool.

And yes, in the first picture, she is holding herself up on the side of the pool. We are going to Florida in March and just know she will be swimming by then... (Just Kidding).

I am off to my Monday cleaning routine... I know you are jealous :). Have a great day!


sonya said...

I think this is awesome!!! Justin knows that Doug can't swim so I have made sure that our boys learn!!! We go to Tennessee when I visit my family......You should check out Actually @ six months old she can be taught to roll over and float on her back when thrown in!!! The boys have done really well...its all about teaching them to save their lives!!! Keep her signed up year round!!!!! Good job!!!

Catherine said...

Oh my stinkin' cute is she!! I think it is so fun to expose the kiddos to new things, just to see the world from their perspective. Water becomes so much more fun than our adult eyes see it anymore.

sheltonfamily said...

That has to be the cutest picture ever. I know it might not sound like a big deal her taking lessons so early, but I wish I would have with Ellie cause last summer she hated lessons and was afraid of the water. I've already "dunked" Anna under!