Monday, November 1, 2010

Our weekend & another mark of bad parenting... (theme?)

 We had such a great weekend!  It started out on Friday when some of Kate's friends came over to decorate Fall cookies.  They made a HUGE MESS, but had fun!  I am so glad Justin and Allie were there to help me!  Here are some pics..

Friday night Justin and I went to Memphis.  Justin planned this entire weekend on his own - I was so impressed!!  He took me to dinner and to see Wicked.  We spent all of Saturday in Memphis hanging out.  Our life has been so crazy lately.  It was so good, fun and refreshing to get away with just him. 

It also makes me happy that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  My mother-in-law kept Kate and Kate kept telling her that she misses her best girlfriend, her mama.  You have no idea how happy that made me feel!  We are in a stage where she gets A LOT of spankings.  I am always praying for the LORD to give me wisdom as I discipline her.  I am so afraid I am traumatizing her!  At least she missed me when I was gone.

So onto Sunday we go.  We went to church in the morning.  I want to stop and say how blessed Justin is to be working at Central.  The heart our pastor and staff have for people is unbelievable.  They truly love Jesus and people.  It is contagious! 

I'm not the biggest fan of Halloween, but we did dress our kids up, took them to a few houses and passed out candy to the HUNDREDS of kids that came to our house.  It was a little crazy.  Justin's sister and family came over, some of our friends and youth also stopped by.  We had a perfect set up on our front porch.  The weather was perfect!

It was all going great until Kate started throwing up all over our front porch right in front of our big candy bin.  I was holding and feeding John, so I couldn't help her.  Justin (bless his heart) freezes in these situations.  I kept telling him to take her to the side of the porch so she could get sick in the bushes.  He wasn't comprehending what I was saying... so all he knew to do was stick out his hands and try to catch the puke.  I finally told him to put his cup up to her and that worked a little better than his hands.  My friend asked me what I thought it was that made her sick.. my response... "bad parenting" i.e... a little too much candy.

I hope the kids that were coming up to get candy at the same time she was throwing up are not too traumatized.  Kate getting sick in front the candy did not deter them from coming up and getting themselves their candy.  I guess they were on a mission.  Here are some pictures from last night.  (although they are not very good - I didn't take very many pictures and wish I had taken more).

The cutest Mickey ever...

 The cutest Kitty Cat...

All the cousins...
 Kate with Grace...
 John and Kate...

I hope you had a great night last night.

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Anonymous said...


That is the funniest story. I'm just sorry it was at Kate's expense. But it made me laugh out loud!

Uncle Frankie