Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kate's Costume = sign of bad parenting?

I know that we are probably the worst parents ever because we almost always have the TV on.  I have been trying to be more conscious to turn it off, but we still watch ALOT of TV.  Kate changes what shows she likes, but our TV is almost always on Nick Jr.  (It is seriously the only safe channel to leave on.)  Her show of choice right now.. DORA.  I do think it teaches her some good things, but one concerning thing I have noticed is that she wants dress like the people she sees on TV.  Lately... Kate has to be a cat because Dora dresses up as a cat.  Another favorite show if her is Fresh Beat Band.  One of the girls in there wears a blue dress.  Kate got a blue dress out of her closet the other day and asked me if she could put it on to be like Mirena (girl on the show).  It blows my mind how young they start.  It also makes me realize how careful we (parents) have to be when we consider the things our children are being exposed to.

Kate kept saying that she wanted to be a cat like Dora.. so the other day I got my creative juices flowing and made her a little cat outfit.  It is amazing what Hobby Lobby has in their store.  {CONFESSION:  I AM ADDICTED TO HOBBY LOBBY and I have no hobby and I am not crafty.. yes, it is a problem} Anyway, I think the entire outfit was made in an hour.  (I totally copied an outfit I found online and wanted to buy her, but it was $50 +shipping).  Everything here cost me $15 and I have enough stuff left over to make another one.

Supplies:  Black Onesie, Black tights, Cat Ears, Cat Tail (cut mine out of the craft stuff at Hobby Lobby),  Elastic, Tulle, 1/4 yard animal print fabric.  To make a tutu all you have to do is tie strips of tulle around a piece of elastic.  They sell tulle strips (it looks like really big ribbon).  Cut strips the length you want and tie around elastic -- that is it.. so easy, fast & cheap!  If you want step by step instructions.. leave a comment and I'll try to post them. 

Some pics...

First attempt.. tutu was too long!

 Trimmed tutu and it looks so much better!
 Oooo.. scary cat!

By the way.. to redeem my parenting skills...Kate does LOVE TO READ.  She is always "reading" on her own and asking us to read to her.  Her favorite book is Giraffe and a Half and she practically has it memorized.  I'm just sayin.


Serena Luke said...

Paint a black dot on her nose and add some whiskers and she will be perfect!! Too cute!! Your parenting skills are just put in the time and energy to make a costume for Kate!! Those are the times that become so precious.

Miss you and prayers!!

apriljoy said...

This is so cute! I'm impressed it only cost you $15. Good job Nicole!