Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's the first step to being an efficient wife?

Yes, I love themes.. and due to the recent google search that landed some poor soul to my little blog.. this week's theme is on being an efficient wife. This is the theme for two reasons.. first of all, it gives me something to write about and second of all, I need some efficiency in my life! Especially since I am pregnant with our second child.. YES!! YEAH!! Can you believe it? We are so excited!! After reading my friend's blog post about all her kids and the craziness --I don't know if I can handle it, but it is too late for that!!

My sister-in-law and niece came to visit this past weekend. We had so much fun with them. My niece and Kate's age difference is the just about the same as Kate and our new little baby (due March 28th). Justin and I were talking about it... and man are we going to have our hands full!! (BTW.. no, I didn't take any pictures of when they were here.. yes, I am mad at myself).
Anyway.. back to my efficient wife theme / step one - MEAL PLANNING. I was thinking about this and something I wanted to get back to was meal planning. One of my best friends growing up (and to this day) had/has the most efficient mom I have ever met or known. Her family was like a second family to me, so I did get to learn a little from her and her mom. Oh, and yes I still call her and ask her for advice.

This mom was very much into meal planning. In fact, she would plan meals for the month. As a bonus, she only went grocery shopping once a month. Did you hear that? ONCE A MONTH. I did this when Justin and I were first married, but I got out of the habit. I am determined to get back into it. I have decided to try to meal plan for two weeks, instead of the whole month and go shopping twice a month. I'll let you know how it goes.

To help you out, I thought I would post the meals I have planned for the next two weeks along with links to the recipes (if they have a recipe). Also, as a tip.. always get your family involved in this and ask them what they would like to have on their menu. Justin always tells me some meals I forget about. I would also suggest compiling a list of your family's favorite recipes so you have something to choose from each week. Try one new recipe each week. We can get so boring and repetitious in what we make.

This week I was reading another blog who made The Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich and I decided to make it.. let me tell you.. it was AMAZING!! I am definitely adding this one to our list of favorites!!

Here are the meals I have planned for the next two weeks. I write them on our family calendar, so everyone can see it. It helps tremendously with grocery shopping!! I hope this helps you!

9/17 - Meatloaf with mashed potatoes
9/18 - Leftovers
9/19 - B-Day Party
9/20 - Enchiladas with rice and corn (use recipe on store bought enchilada sauce can)
9/21 - Salmon with broccoli
9/22 - Grilled Chicken and sauteed veggies
9/24 - Tacos with rice and corn
9/26 - Steak with Gorgonzola & baked potatoes
9/27 - Eat Out
9/28 - Smithfield's Pre-Seasoned Pork Tenderloin (grilled)
9/29 - Spaghetti (Justin makes this - I'll have to get his recipe to post)
9/30 - Leftovers
10/1 - Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken with corn

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Catherine said...

Congratulations Nicole!! Wow, two under two...well almost under two. You are a brave soul :)

I can't wait to get your tips on being an efficient wife. I NEED THEM!! Having a toddler is killing my efficiency. I did delete my facebook page recently and that has totally upped it a bit :)

Anyway, just wanted to say love the blog and soooooooo happy for you guys! We'll have to get together when I am in town!

Catherine F.