Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Love Disney World and the Food? Recipe Wednesday - Tonga Toast

Breakfast recipes have been non-existent on my blog. I decided to post a recipe from one of my favorite places on earth... Disney World. This is from the Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort. When we were there in March, I was explaining this dish to my family.. and completely embellished and called it "life changing". They will not let me live that down and now constantly ask me.. is that "life changing". Of course, while this is not "life changing", it is delicious and completely indulgent. It is from the Disney Resort cookbook.

With school finishing up, I thought this would be the perfect recipe to treat your family. I am going to make it for Justin this weekend.

Tonga Toast with Strawberry Compote

Serves 4


1 cup sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 8-inch loaf sourdough bread
2 bananas, peeled
1 quart canola oil, for frying


-Mix sugar and cinnamon with a fork in a shallow bowl until thoroughly blended; set aside.
-Slice the bread into four 2-inch-thick slices.
-Cut each banana in half crosswise, then each piece lengthwise.
-Place a bread slice flat on the counter and tear out just enough from the middle (do not tear all the way through) to stuff half a banana into;repeat with each bread slice.
-In a large pot or a deep fryer, heat the oil to 350°F; use a candy thermometer to make certain the oil does not get any hotter, or it will burn.
-Gently place one bread slice into the oil for 1 minute or until light brown. Turn and fry for another minute on the other side.
-Remove from fryer, drain on paper towels, then toss in sugar and cinnamon mixture.
-Repeat for each piece. Serve with a drizzle of warm syrup and strawberry compote.

Strawberry Compote


1 pint strawberries, cleaned and stemmed
1/3 cup white sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla


Cut the strawberries in half. In a saucepan over medium high heat, combine strawberries, sugar and vanilla. Cook, stirring occasionally, until sauce thickens, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat. In a blender or food processor, puree sauce and strawberries. Store in refrigerator.

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Anonymous said...

Hi... just happen to cross your site... I see that you also love Disney... me too...

Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!