Thursday, May 21, 2009

What in the world was I thinking?

We continued our quest today to find Kate a Mother's Morning Out program or something similar. I contacted a church near us who has a pre-school program and they start at one. I knew it was right up my alley when she said that the one year old class doesn't really have a curriculum and that they are there more to play and for socialization. She also said that it was only $12.50 / day. Ding, Ding, Ding.. we have a winner. I spoke with several people and they also said that the teachers are very sweet at that school (very important). At her age, I am not really looking for her to learn Spanish. I just want to give her something to do one day a week, instead of being stuck with me everyday.

Now, off to the best part of the story... This school and church has a little indoor playground area. It is open daily to the public, so I asked the director if I could bring Kate into play. All I really wanted her to do was to crawl / walk around (Kate had other ideas).

There were two other little girls in there (probably around 3-4 years old). The structure looked something like this (with only one slide):

Kate was watching the other girls climb up it and of course wanted to climb up also. There was a little step you had to climb up in order to get inside. She could not quite get her leg up on it.. so I thought... I'll help put her up there. She will only crawl around at the opening... BAD IDEA. There goes my baby crawling up the steps, right up to the top of this structure, like she was a champ. What do I do? Of course, I had to climb up after her. I didn't want her to get stuck, or come tumbling down the slide.

So there I go... feeling like this:

(Please note this is NOT me.. just a wonderful picture of how I was feeling climbing up that thing). Oh, did I mention that the there were two moms watching me whole time and one of them was our neighbor.. yes.

At the top of the structure there was this little steering wheel. When I reached the top, of course Kate went right to the wheel. Did I mention that the other little girl was playing with the wheel? Well, that little girl was not about to share that wheel with Kate. And Kate was not about to let that little girl not share. I kid you not, my baby went right up to the little girl and tried to push her hand over so she could also steer. Oh, she was also staring the girl down.. I could only imagine what she was thinking.. you better let go or else. {BTW.. during all this, I was getting very hot and claustrophobic.. I placed my face right up to the opening to make sure I was getting air.} So, I tried to talk the little girl into letting Kate steer just once, but she really did not want to share with Kate. I will have to say.. I was pretty proud of Kate for not backing down, but I knew it was TIME TO GO.

So the next question.. How do I get down? Kate did not want to leave, but I grabbed her and headed down the slide. Yes, the two mothers were at the bottom to greet us.

No, I will NEVER do that again. Seriously, WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING?

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