Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So, you don't like Spinach? Recipe Wednesday - Spinach Salad

I would have to say that most people do not love the canned spinach that you see Popeye eating. BTW.. the title question is a quote from the Popeye movie. No, I don't have it memorized. I honestly have never seen it, but is amazing what useless information you can find through google.

Anyway, I made this recipe last night and it is one of our favorites. It is a salad that you can eat for a meal or as a side dish. I think I got it from my aunt, who is an amazing cook.


Spinach Salad

Salad Ingredients:

1 Bag Fresh Spinach (remove stems)

1-2 Eggs (Hard Boiled, Whites only) {we usually leave these out, because I am lazy}

1/2 Red Onion (chopped or thinly sliced)

1/2 pound bacon (cooked and crumbled)

1-2 cups of Mushrooms (chopped)

8oz (2 cups) of Shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese

Dressing Ingredients:

3/4 Cup Extra Light Olive Oil

1/2 Cup Garlic Red Wine Vinegar

1/2 Cup Sugar (can be substituted with baking Splenda - we prefer the Splenda)

2 Tablespoons Ketchup


Toss together Spinach, Eggs, Red Onions, Bacon, Mushrooms and Mont. Jack Cheese.

Combine Salad Dressing ingredients.

I would suggest waiting to pour the dressing over salad after it is is divided up in portions.

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Dawn said...

This salad sounds really good! It seems like the dressing would be great on other salads too. Thanks for the recipe!