Thursday, May 14, 2009

Speaking Five Languages & Mandarin Chinese by Age Five... Seriously?

As you all know, Kate turned one. A great church near us has a wonderful mother's morning out program. I called them a couple months ago to get information and they accept kids at age one. I was planning on contacting them in the next few weeks to see if I could bring her one morning a week... I just found out they are closing their program.

Since I had it in my mind to take her somewhere one morning a week, I decided to look into what other toddler programs were available in our area. A new preschool called The Goddard School has just been built and it is right across the street from our neighborhood. I read a flyer they mailed us and I decided to stop by the other day.

The Education Director gave me a tour and proceeded to tell me that all their curriculum is written by a professor at Yale, all their teachers have four year degrees and they focus on language development along with social skills, yoga, etc. Kate's teacher would teach her sign language. (We have already taught her some signs, so I thought... yes, we are such great parents, she will already be advanced in her class.) Then the director proceeded to tell me that at age two they starting teaching them Spanish. At age three they add in French, at age four they add German and Italian and by age five she will be speaking those five languages along with Mandarin Chinese.

To be honest, I chuckled to myself a little when she told me how much Kate would love her yoga class, but then when she told me she would be speaking all those languages including Mandarin Chinese.. by age five. I was like.. are you serious?

Well, needless to say, I really want to send her to that school now... especially after I had to google "Mandarin Chinese" to find out how to spell it.

Of course, as always, reality sets in... two half days cost almost as much as my friend pays to send her kids to private school. Sorry Kate, you will be stuck with me for a while, but maybe Handy Manny will teach you a little Spanish. (Yes, I know it is not Mandarin Chinese.. but come on!)


SouthAsiaRocks said...

WOW! That's crazy!
Kids sure do learn languages fast!! Aashini is 18 months and already understands and speaks some Hindi - it's crazy!
That school would be so cool! Do they give out scholarships? :)
They have videos you can buy that are like Dora or Handy Manny that are in Mandarin if you're interested :)
Fun post!

lea said...

the new blog design is ADORABLE...

having taught preschool for several years let me give you a little advice... do NOT look at the curriculum AT ALL... when they say they are "teaching" these things to one years olds... they are lying. i hate to call them out. but i will. they can expose children to all kinds of languages, and kids will pick up some language things. but they will also pick up the stress of THIS MUST BE LEARNED if that is what the school is touting as it's claim to fame. and is that the MOST important thing for kate to be exposed to? i don't think it is...

so look at the children's faces, look at the playground, look at how long the teachers are staying there and do they seem to LOVE working with kids, is there love in the air and is everyone playing? is there singing, and painting, and getting messy? are there snacks and manners and a basic respect for others and a JOYFULNESS to the place?

if so, then it is a good preschool.

to everything there is a season, and childhood is a season of exploration, playing, and hugs.

sheltonfamily said...

Hilarious! Our pre-school is not quite that serious! I can't imagine how much it costs. Handy Manny could teach her lots, but for chinese you gotta watch NiHao Kai Lan!