Friday, May 15, 2009

Love Bags? Freebie Friday.. Top Five

Today I am featuring my Top Five giveaways. Today it is all about bags. I will be having an actual giveaway next Friday here at Questions from a Wife and Mother. It will be a Father's Day giveaway. Check back next Friday.. to enter. Until then... Here is my top five giveaways I found today: Fabulous Bags!

Born out of Necessity Mini Tote ($269.00) {Deadline: 5/21 @ 11:59pm}

Petunia Pickle Bottom Clutch ($88.00) {Deadline: 5/17 @ 11:59pm

(I have so been wanting one of these!!)

Amy Kathryn Gladiola Magenta Handbag ($120) {Deadline: 5/19 @ 11:59pm}
Purse Organizer ($28.00) {Deadline: 5/16 @ 11:59pm}

$75 Gift Certificate from Jumeau {Deadline 5/20 @ 11pm}

Good Luck! Have a great weekend!

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