Thursday, April 16, 2009

Got In-laws?

Today is an exciting day in our home.. Justin family is coming. I see my family about every other month, but we only see Justin's family a few times each year. After talking to my friends, I realize that I have a special situation.. I actually love my In-laws.. and look forward to them coming (except for the stress I put on myself to get my house ready).

All that said... I only have seven hours left to get this house in somewhat perfect shape.

So Hi Ho, Hi Ho.. it is off to work I go.

Tomorrow come back for Freebie Friday.. we are giving away a Waxing Poetic Charm with your initial. The charms are Sterling Silver and made to look like an old wax stamp.


lea said...

do you still hear my voice in your head? you might need some therapy...

i won't be able to enter the contest this week because of no computer on my mission impossible. but i will win one someday... i must win something better than meghan's HOT new car mats!

Meghan said...

hmm... maybe I will have to enter on Lea's behalf. Because when I am not winning things out from underneath them, I am actually a good friend!

Oh and my word verification is "beersme". So true. So true.

kristy mae said...

I would love to have a K :)
I used the same blog layout as yours forever - love the simplicity of the pink flower :) I still have it somewhere...might go back to it after seeing your blog :)