Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's with the delay?

I have been so busy with family in town, I feel like my blog is on a 10 day delay (kind of like the TV delay to make sure nothing inappropriate is shown). I assure you that my delay is not to bleep anything out... other than maybe all the cleaning I have been doing between and after my guests. I hate to clean (and consider it a bad word... seriously I dread doing it), but I love a clean house! There is nothing better to me than newly vacuumed floors (if we are having people over, I don't let Justin walk on the carpet.. yes I have a touch of OCD). I love clean sheets and the fresh scent of cleaning products and newly done laundry. I just don't like doing it. I also love all the swiffer products. See Lea's blog for a new use of the duster.

Anyway... we had such a great time with Beth (Justin's Sister) and Sara Beth (our niece). Kate loves them both so much! We mainly just hung out.. and made it to the mall one day. We miss them! Here are some pictures of their trip.

**Also, Please be in prayer for our friends Scott and Meghan. Their little baby (1 week old) had surgery on his jaw (they had to break it and put in rods). He is so sweet, please pray for Scott and Meghan (peace) and little Silas (healing).

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