Monday, August 29, 2011

John's 1st Birthday Party

John's first birthday party was wonderful and relatively low key. It was so nice to live around family, so Justin's family came over to celebrate.

Here is the invitation:

We have soooo much stuff. I tried to deter receiving so many gifts, but only one family member took our suggestion.

Here are some pictures from his special day.

My mom came in town and we went to the zoo on his actual birthday. We also got a call on this day from our realtor telling us our house sold!

At the Zoo:

I am glad we got some pictures with him on his actual birthday because I did not get one with him at his birthday party.

We live in Arkansas now so a John Deere theme seemed appropriate. (Justin picked it out.)

The cake we had made.
 John's personal cake that I made him. They made fun of it the entire day! I obviously do not have a future in cake decorating!

He is not sure about his hat.

Our first baby... who is getting too big!

Of course he had to get his own John Deere from his aunt Beth.

 Justin and I bought him a basket ball goal.
 Paw-paw gave him is first tractor.
Cake time!!

I think I tried to take a bite of his cake... bad idea.
YAY!! His birthday was a success and alot of fun!

Better late than never... Happy 1st birthday to my precious baby boy! Mommy loves you!

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