Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Broke the #1 Rule in Child Discipline

"You know the only people who are always sure about the proper way to raise children? Those who’ve never had any." -Bill Cosby  

We are in the depths of discipline. Before I had kids, I was told the importance of discipline in my child's life. I heard that consistency is key. I know of one "no-no" in discipling. When discipling your child, NO LAUGHING!  Under no circumstance can you laugh. Laughing would ultimately thwart the purpose of the discipline.  

Confession: I broke this rule, big time.

We are having major listening problems in our house. We have been trying to teach Kate to say "Yes Ma'am" when someone asks her to do something. During bath time, Justin was reiterating this lesson.  

Here is how the conversation went down:

Justin: "Kate, when Mama asks you to do something, what do you say?"

Kate: Looked up, paused, thought and stated (very seriously): "bibbidi bobbidi boo".

I immediately started laughing! I am sorry, I just couldn't help it. 

Justin chuckled, rolled his eyes and said she bleeds princess.

Oh, yes she does!

I always tell her she is my first baby and will always be my baby. She quickly replies, "I not a baby Mama, I'm a princess."  Yes... yes she is!

She is all princess!

Do you have any discipling tips or funny stories?  Leave a comment below... I'd love to hear them!


Val said...

My Daughter said all those cute things too. Oh how I miss those days. Now at 7 Walt and I told her she had to turn the TV off to do her homework today. She yelled looking at me and said " do you see mom I get no RESPECT in this house ever anymore" I cracked up laughing because I have a good idea where she may have heard this line before.
Val Zawacki

Heather said...

"bleeding princess" is the PERFECT expression to describe our oldest too! London will be two next month and I had to compromise and bribe her with a necklace and bracelets for church instead of the tutu and play high heels she wanted to wear. After that obstacle was avoided, she came into our room and started telling me what to wear to church, which was a coral sweatshirt (because it was pink). Sigh...and I grew up a tomboy :)