Monday, May 3, 2010

My baby girl is two

Kate turned two today and I can't believe how big she is getting.  She talks so much.  She will say just about anything you ask her to.  She loves her little friends from church and school.  She asks me about them all the time and if she can go play with them.  Although she has her moments, she is getting better at listening and doing what she is told.  She is about as sweet as can be.  We went shopping last week and I bought her something.  As we were walking out of Target, she said.. "Thank you mommy" in her cute little voice.

Kate is such a great big sister.  When we ask her who she loves.. she almost always says.. "I Love John". She wants to go check on him while he is sleeping and give him kisses.  She loves putting his pacifier in his mouth and she loves to "hold" his pacifier (and sometimes sneaks it into her own mouth). 

She is just about as girly as can be.  She loves getting dressed, shoes, purses, cell phones and lip gloss (this has to be monitored very closely).  She also loves to sing Jesus Loves Me, ABC's and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. Her favorite books are Wild about Books, Giraffe and a Half and the Tickle Monster.

Kate, Mommy loves you so much!  You are so much fun to hang out with every day.  You make me smile and laugh!  You give the best hugs and kisses.  I don't want you to grow up too quickly, but I can't wait to see who you will become one day.  I love you!

Here are some  pictures from her two year old pictures and her "Yo Gabba Gabba" party.  (Yes, I know - it is embarrassing, but it what she wanted). 

2 year old pictures

Party Pics
Kate and Caitlyn (her bff)

Kate with all her friends
Kate and her first little "boy" friend, Aaron, giving hugs good-bye.
Kate and Caitlyn riding in her new jeep.

My precious baby girl...

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Holly said...

what a cutie and so glad I got to meet her! She is full of life and love. So glad her yo gabba gabba party was fun. crazy show huh?!