Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Disney.. What makes it so magical?

Our trip to Disney seems like so long ago. Probably because it was.. and I have taken forever to write about it. I love Disney... Everything about it. I grew up about 1.5 hours from Walt Disney World, so I have been more times than I can count. It may be something nostalgic, but I still love to go. This was Justin's third trip to Disney. That seriously blows my mind. He enjoys going, but I don't think he get as excited as I do. This trip included Kate's first time to the Magic Kingdom.. I will post what we did tomorrow. (I actually want to finish this post.. and leave you hanging on for anticipation {please insert sarcastic tone}).

We stayed at one of their moderate resorts, the Caribbean Beach Resort.

Our family hasn't stayed there in a while, but I remember going when I was young. They were running a really great deal on rooms.. so we decided to stay there. I was a little worried about Kate sleeping good, but the room was set up perfectly. We were able to pull over a little curtain they had to separate the room and she had her own little area. We brought a fan to drown out noise and she slept like a champ! That was a huge sigh of relief!

We arrived to our hotel on Tuesday afternoon, right in time for lunch. Kate had her first Mickey ice cream pop... she thoroughly enjoyed it!

After lunch we headed to the pool. The pool at the Caribbean Beach Resort was awesome. They had this cute little kiddie pool that Kate loved.

I think the slide was her favorite.

I am sure Justin will be thrilled that I posted these pictures... Better him than me.. (sorry Justin!) Kate is just so cute and really having fun.. how could I not post them!!

Little Miss Independent.

Later that night.. we headed to the Polynesian Resort for their Luau. Waiting was the most difficult part for Kate.. so we got creative. Here she is playing with her stroller.. I missed getting a photo of when she rammed the stroller into another waiting guest.. Yes, we are that family.. I could hear him saying.. CAN YOU PLEASE GET CONTROL OF YOUR DAUGHTER. Sorry Mister, this is her first time waiting in line for the Luau and I am trying to get some cute pictures.

We finally made it into the Luau and my dad got us perfect seats.. right up front. Kate is enjoying the fresh pineapple. The food was delicious.. Justin and my dad loved it!

Here is Kate and Justin watching the show. She did ok for the first 30 minutes then after that she wanted down. Actually, she wanted to run up on stage and dance with the dancers. Don't worry, we stressfully passed her back and forth.. hoping she wouldn't ruin the show and last sitting down through the show. We made it.. barely..

I thought this guy was the best part of the show.. and of course when Kate was the most fussy. I got one picture in when Justin had her...

Here is the picture of us all before the show...

Tomorrow.. The Magic Kingdom...

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