Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Do you "heart" Ikea?

I am soooo behind on my blog posts and updating you on our Florida trip. I had planned on keeping up with it on my trip, but that obviously didn't happen. Things have been crazy since I got back on Saturday, so I wanted to take quick minute to tell you about a highlight on our trip... Ikea. Tampa just recently got an Ikea. I had never been, but I have friends who told me they loved that store. My cousin is in the process of redecorating her room and my aunt wanted to reorganize her kitchen, so we planned a day to go to Ikea. We were at Ikea for SIX hours. Yes, SIX hours. That place is huge and we are about the most indecisive people, so that combination equalled a long time in Ikea.

The style of Ikea is a little more modern what I like, but of course I did manage to pick up some things I could fit in my suitcase. Actually, I asked Justin to bring an empty suitcase so we could fill it with our goodies. Anyway.. here are pictures of my purchases.. and the before and after of my kitchen.

The Spice rack we added:

Before: Cluttered Counter top part One
After.. much better!
Before: Cluttered Counter top.. part 2
After: We actually have more counter space!!
My husband is wonderful, but could care less how cluttered our counter tops are. He has even made several comments to me about the difference and how much he likes it. So now... I "heart" Ikea!


the broomes said...

Hey Nicole!!! ...Yes I very much "heart" ikea...except for I'm pretty indecisive myself, so I end up seeing a million things I like and walking out with a 2 dollar picture frame:) Fred actually likes going there too...which makes me like it even better! Hope y'all are doing great. I sure hope we get to meet each others' kids someday-- Kate reminds me a little of our Anna Bell in pictures. Love you guys!

Holly said...

I'm the same as you.... I like them for organization stuff, but I hate our furniture we got from there. Oh well, it is cheap and I don't care if there is crayons, puke, etc... all over it cause we can always wash it! I agree that Kate looks like Anna Belle.