Wednesday, July 8, 2009

3 Weeks Ago... ?

I just realized that it has been three weeks since I last updated this blog. I had family in town and we went out of town.. so... so much has happened! I am sure there are alot of funny stories that will be left out. I have no memory.. it is a problem. Anyway, I am home now for the next couple of days and I will attempt to get you all caught on my oh so exciting life.

My dad, aunt and cousins came to visit and stay with me while Justin was away at camp. There is one thing that we always do when they come... go to Frankie's. Frankie's has everything that a kid loves... games, arcades, mini golf, rides, go carts, laser tag. I really think this is the only reason why my cousin Chris comes to visit me. I love when we comes to visit us, so I make sure we take him there.

Wednesday we were supposed to go to the pool, but we decided to get the slip and slide out instead. Kate liked walking on it more than going down it. Here are some pictures.

Kate with my cousin Katie.

Kate walking on the slip and slide.

My aunt Sharon (dad's sister), Kate and my Dad.

Katie (my cousin), Kate and Sara (Katie's cousin)

Wednesday was also my dad's birthday, so I grilled some steaks with this recipe. Everyone loved them. I also made his favorite.. Red Velvet Cupcakes using Sprinkles Cupcake mix that I got from Williams Sonoma. They were so good!
Kate loves cupcakes!

Time really does fly by! I have a video from their trip I will post tomorrow. I have over 1000 pictures on my memory card and countless videos. I have three days until I leave for Florida. Hopefully I'll get it all transferred... and clean the house.. and pack up for Florida, but I am not making any promises!

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