Monday, June 15, 2009

Why haven't you updated your blog?

My mom called me last week and asked.. Why haven't you updated your blog? I told her to tune in this week, I have plenty of stories from last week. If she would have seen my house and if she knows how slow I am at writing blogs.. she would have said.. you need to take a break and get your house in order. So much happened last week.. I will get you caught up now.

Kate threw her first real fit.. yes, that was NOT fun! Oh, and she says "Toby" all the time and loves him.. I wish I could say that he feels the same way, but he is a little fickle.. he usually acts like he likes her, jumps up on her, licks her, etc. Then last Tuesday she tried to take back her socks he stole and...I think demons came out of him and he bit her hand. She is fine (he is so small, so no real damage done). I think they are back to loving each other now. Justin on the other hand... says he is moving to FL. We will see.

I got caught up on laundry/cleaning, mowed the lawn (the first time ever.. and will save the story for another post) and re-did two rooms. Ok, let me be honest, I didn't even do those things last week (I have done all those things the past two days.. since Justin has been out of town). For some reason I get so motivated when he is gone. I really have no idea why... my only excuse is he is so much fun when he is home.. I just want to hang out with him... therefore, my chores do not get done. Oh wait, that doesn't exactly work... because is his not here all day, only the evenings.

Last Monday we had just woken up. I was getting Kate up and ready for breakfast. Justin was taking Toby out and watering the plants. (This is our normal and exciting daily morning routine). All of a sudden Justin ran in the house and yelled, NICOLE... there are ANIMALS {ok, I want to pause right here.. because in that second I was picturing rats, mice, raccoons and snakes in our attic or garage.} He said, "there are animals... eating our new plants." For those of you who missed it, we just had new landscaping put in (Here is the post.) Last Monday it had been one week.

You know I love before and after photos.. so here you go, did I mention it has only been two weeks since we planted these plants?

Before Deer:

After Deer (the circles show the now DEAD plants):

You have no idea the lengths that Justin has taken to keep the deer away.. I won't go into detail of all his secrets.. but it has included liquid fence, eggs, garlic, pepper, hair and urine. I will have to say that I think it is working (I hope). Also.. I am calling the landscapers today.. hoping they will replace the plants!

Other things we have been up to.. graduation parties, and going to the pool. Here are a couple pictures of our baby girl.. she is growing up so fast!
Here is Kate at Tiffany's graduation party. She took every lei out of the basket and put it on her.

Kate this morning.. I took it with her new favorite toy. She loves the little bunny purse my friend Laine got her. She carries it everywhere.

Now back to cleaning and getting ready for VBS tonight. I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Deer! How can a creature so beautiful be so aggravating!? Hope your landscaper will come to the rescue. Your yard looks great. :)