Monday, June 1, 2009

Do you love makeovers?

I love makeovers. Specifically the ones that show the before and afters. It could be anything... if they show me the before picture.. I am hooked to stay and wait for the "after". This week in our home we are having a lot of before and afters. I am starting the Jullian Michael's 30 Day Shred. (Don't worry, I won't scare you with a before picture.) Our home is getting new landscaping tomorrow and today, Toby got a serious makeover. I know that he is completely neglected and was in desperate need of a hair cut. He doesn't even look like the same dog...

Here some pics of Toby's before and after.

Here are some pictures of our yard and Justin working so hard. We saved money by taking out the plants ourselves. He said it wasn't that bad, but it was ALOT of work. These plant here were HUGE. We had a friend bring his truck over to pull these out.

Kate was out there helping her daddy.

Stay tuned... I will show after pictures. I just hope it looks different, I have this fear that we are going to hate it or that it won't really look any different. We will see.

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