Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is my dog "spider-dog"?

Our poor dog...Toby's little area in our house has been fenced in with baby gates. Kate is very curious and is now walking everywhere. Toby may have snapped at Kate once while he was eating, so we decided it would be best to keep him in our dining room with his food while Kate is up and exploring. I came home a couple times and Toby was on the other side of the gate. I told Justin that he "Houdinied" himself out of the gated area. Justin just thought I never put him up.

Come to find out.. he can climb up and over the gate. I tried to get him on video doing this, but he is not a pressure performer. He only "almost" made it. You will see here.. does he not resemble spiderman?

Oh, yes.. he can also squeeze himself through the bars to the gate on our stairs. Here is a pic of the gate. I haven't seen him do it, but Justin watched him do it the other night.

Nothing holds him back from getting to where he wants to go... usually to get to me, eat some of Kate's food or to rummage through the trash.. oh the life of a dog.


School Stuff and What Not said...

So, he is definitely got a bit of spider in him... a higher gate, maybe, or one without holes??? Our is a cat-dog and tends to stalk or do other "catty" things like sleep across the back of the couch... good luck!! :)

Anonymous said...

My friend,
I love reading your posts and how transparent you are with all of us. You are not alone in your struggles as a wife and mother, the challenges of growing up, and the coming to terms with things in your past. You amaze me every day at how far you have allowed God to lead you and you are touching so many with your candor. I love you and the amazing woman you have become. Kate will be blessed to be anything like you. You have the largest heart and the most giving spirit of anyone - EVER! I love you and look forward to watching you grow further. Always your friend, Somer
P.S. Totally jealous of your incredible dog! lol