Thursday, April 9, 2009

"Minivan Moms" Do You Need a Pep Talk? American Idol Fans- Do you need a Good Laugh?

As if me, getting a minivan wasn't punishment enough, my friends are calling me (in shock), e-mailing me, texting me, posting messages on Facebook etc. Our "coolness" factor with the kids in Justin's youth group.. has dropped drastically (and I am talking as if we even had a "cool" factor with them... who knows.) They have not stopped making fun of us. We picked two of them up for church last night in our new minivan and one of them said that he was glad the windows were tinted, so no one could see him... I was like grrrrrreat. I hope he wasn't too traumatized. After all this... I seriously need a pep-talk.

My friend Meghan sent me this video when she found out I got a minivan... A very much needed "Pep Talk" ... it seriously made me smile.
{Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Freebie Friday... giveaway of a monogrammed car mat set valued at $75.} (Also, if you are an American Idol fan, you have to scroll down to the end of this post and read the Facebook postings that people left in response to my friend's comment... it is not at all politically correct, but very funny).

My friend Jamey is such a nice guy, great personality, cute and has one arm. He is so funny!
He posted this status update on Facebook Tuesday night after American Idol. My husband and I were laughing out loud when we read them. I guess he is happy about the outcome. Here is his comment and some of the funniest responses:

Jamey: I'm gonna go ahead and be the one to say that Scott has to go, he is only there because he is blind, sorry but I am allowed to say that because I have 1 arm, so it's OK. BUT HE HAS TO GO!!!

Carly: Jamey, I miss you and your one arm humor!!!!

Liliana: LOL...omg, u r so messed up...but so right...i've been saying that from the beginning...he really needs to go...he's a nice guy, but he's definitely not idol-material! lol...still laughing...haha

Nicole: I totally agree!!

Kristin: Me and both of my arms totally agree!!

Mike (who is paralyzed): um hm. gimp humor. oops, did i say gimp?

Amanda: Yeah he won't even see it coming...woops. too far? I can say that b/c I have Scoliosis.

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