Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How long are you going to stretch this out? Finishing up our Florida trip.

Ok, so I know that all two of you who read my blog are thinking... how long is she going to stretch out post about her Florida trip? Well, I assure you this will be last post about our Florida trip... but remember.. my husband told me that if I blog everyday for a month.. he will let me hire someone to give my blog a makeover.... so I needed to stretch it out as long as possible.

Two reasons why I convinced Justin to let me stay in Florida for over three weeks (two and a half weeks without him).. was for two big events... my cousin's 30th birthday and my friend Jessica's wedding. We had such a great time! The weather was perfect. I took Kate to the beach I grew up on and to the park we always went to when I was little. She loved them both. We stayed with my Pap-Pap (grandpa) and aunt... and loved every second of being with them.

Kate smiled every time she saw Pap-Pap and she loved to play with him. My aunt spoiled her greatly. My dad and I took Kate to get her ears pierced. I hung out with my friends from High School and all my family {both of whom I miss so much}.
To the make trip even better, I was able to see my friends from college. I got to meet Ashley's new baby and Laine's husband. It was the best trip home that I have ever had. I stayed so long... my family threw us a going away party. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Brad (my cousin) and his wife Stacy
Kate, my aunt Sharon, Brad's friend & family in the background
Kate at the beach.

Jackson and Jessica

Laine, Meghan, Jessica, Nicole (me) and Ashley (friends from college - Florida State)

Me and Kate one of our last nights in Florida, we went to dinner with my family... a place on the beach where we watched the sun set. The sunset is in the background, but it didn't come out in this picture.
I am already planning my next trip home... hopefully in June or July.

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