Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How did it go with your in-laws?

I have heard this question about a hundred times since my in-laws left yesterday. We had a great time and all eight of us managed to live in our little house for a few days. We did so much in a few days, but here is a little top ten from their trip.. and of course some pictures. Our house is so quiet and sad.. we miss them!

Top 10 things seen, done or heard while Justin's family was here:

10. Kate reaching for her aunt Beth. (She would not go to anyone but Beth.. not even me or Justin.) I can already see the future.. Kate is going to call her aunt Beth and ask Beth to save her from her mom and dad... and to take her shopping.

9. Watching Kate eat her first cupcake... she really enjoyed it.

8. Frankie's.. the coolest arcade/fun center for kids. We (meaning Beth and Brandon) dropped some serious $$$$, but the kids loved it!

7. Shopping.. Beth and Brandon are some fun people to shop with!

6. Eating at Maggiano's.. this is my favorite restaurant, so of course it had to make the top 10. (PS.. we mainly played, ate and shopped while they were here.)

5. Watching Kate and Sara Beth play together. Kate loves her cousin Sara Beth so much. She was so entertained by her. (Sara Beth loves Kates toys.. probably because they used to be hers.)

4. When Luke said that his favorite part of the trip was when him and his dad went on their hike. (This goes to prove that out of all the neat and exciting things you take your kids to do.. all they really want.. is to spend time with you.).. or he was just kissing up to his dad.. who knows.

3. When Sara Beth told me... "Cole, You are a Lovely Cooker." (I wish you could her it in her cute little voice.. she said this to me right after I made some white chocolate and cinnamon popcorn.)

2. In honor of John (Kate's Paw-Paw (grandpa)).. they kept asking us if Kate had "Wet Britches". (this is something that he would ask very often if he was here with us. (Kate missed seeing her Paw-Paw, but is excited about seeing him this summer.)

1. Seeing Kate ride in the little car her Aunt Beth got her. I have a picture posted below. She absolutely loves it.

There are a million other things I could write about, but I wanted to keep it short and sweet.

Here are some pictures from their trip:

Kate with her aunt Beth.

Kate and Sara Beth in their matching outfits.

Kate's first little Birthday party.
Kate in her little car.
Kate eating her cupcake.
Kate with Sara Beth and Luke.

Kate's Maw-Maw reading a book to her and Sara Beth.

The whole crew (minus me - I was taking the picture).

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