Thursday, April 2, 2009

Do you accept this challenge?... and Orlando part 2

My blog is in desperate need of a makeover (aesthetically). I know that you don't really care, but I waste so much time when I upload pictures - trying to get them formatted correctly within in the post. It is so frustrating. I have been looking and I found a web designer I love and I asked Justin if I could get her to redesign my blog. It is not very expensive like $30-$50 and they are so cute! Of course, in Justin's normal fashion, he asked how many people read my blog. I went right to my google analytics account and told him that I have 48 unique readers. He laughed... I don't know if he laughed at the fact that people read my blog or that I have google track that information. Anyway, he told me that if I blog everyday for a month I can hire her to redesign my blog. So yes, Justin... I accept your challenge.

I want to apologize to my readers in advance.. some days may be a struggle to find something to write, but to help with that... I am going to to do two features each week - Recipe Wednesday and Freebie Friday. I will post a new recipe each Wednesday.. and I will be doing a giveaway each Friday. So at least you can have something to look forward to... in addition to my very exciting life as a wife and mother. (Of course I am just kidding about that exciting life thing).

Orlando, part 2:

Yes, I am still a month behind on updating you about life with our baby girl.. so I am going to finish up our Orlando trip now.

My aunt gave us tickets to an Orlando Magic game. We had a lot of fun! Justin had never been to a professional game before so that was a great treat for him and a fun date night. (THANK YOU DEB!)

I met some of my best friends from High School for lunch with their kids. (It still blows my mind that we all have kids!) Kate loved meeting Jack and Miley. Here are some pictures of them.

Kate, Miley, Jack

My aunt, uncle and cousins came over to stay Saturday night with us. My aunt Deb loves Disney so much and I think she is the one who got our family to go so much when we were growing up. Here she is with Kate and the Mickey and Minnie stuffed animals my dad got Kate for her first Disney trip.

Kate seriously loves the little Mickey her daddy bought her. She grabs it, hugs it and grunts... ugh. It is so cute. We tried to get a little video of it when we were in Orlando.. it made us laugh... Here it is:

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Colleen said...

SO CUTE...Love the video!!! Jack loved meeting Kate too...those pics turned out SO cute!!!