Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are you feeling crafty?

I have this secret desire to be crafty. I have friends who can do amazing "crafts". They are so creative and come up with the cutest things. Since I am getting ready for Kate's Party this weekend, my aunt Colleen sent me this cute article from Better Homes and Gardens. I am going to attempt to make these for Kate's party.

I think they will be easy enough for me to handle. I have posted the picture here and the directions below.


Drape 8 foot lengths of crepe paper over the inner ring of an 8 inch diameter embroidery hoop.

Fit outer ring around the inner one and tighten.

Hang with fishing line.


ps.. I only made it 25 days straight posting blogs, I forgot to pre-post this weekend (which is what I usually do.) My sweet husband is giving me a little grace since it was the weekend. Hopefully I'll get my blog makeover next week!

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