Thursday, April 23, 2009

Am I Overcompensating?

I was playing around yesterday and I put this HUGE flower headband on Kate. Every time I put in on her she would just keep smiling.. so of course, I had to take a picture. I am about to say a kind of "mean" thing since I am her mother, but Kate has the biggest head. I mean HUGE! You have no idea how many outfits I've had to retire because her head won't fit. Her head looks so small with this flower on... maybe I should just keep these on her head all the time?

I used my IPhone to take this picture and did the color thing with an ap... IPhones are awesome!


sheltonfamily said...

fun pic.... i can't get into the flower headbands, but i bet my girls would love them! I Phones are the best.

Unknown said...

Popping over from Barefoot Mommies! It looks like she had a great time, she is so cute! My son has the big head thing too, I hope he grows into it!

Marites said...

oh gee..she is so cute and looks like having a grand time with her cute flower headband:D