Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Does Kate love Disney?

So as usual this is delayed a few weeks, but I am going to try to get you caught up. Justin had a Youth Pastor's Conference in Orlando (the begining of March.. that tells you how behind I am). I always give him a hard time that we never take a "real" vacation. {Our "vacations" usually consist of us going to one of our homes and I totally don't count that as a vacation.} So when he decided to go to the conference, he asked me if I would like to go with him and stay a few extra days so we can have a nice vacation this year. I of course agreed and was so excited!!

The first two days we were there, we attended Youth Pastor's Summit. It is put on by Student Leadership University and Universal Studios. We were CHALLENGED by awesome speakers which included Francis Chan and Darren Whitehead (my favorites). Mac Powell lead worship one session (which was completely AMAZING). We also had practical breakout sessions. If you are in youth ministry, I highly recommed this conference and anything that SLU is apart of. They do a great job. (You also get free tickets to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure). I am hoping/praying in these next couple of years, some leaders in our youth group will step up and that Justin will be able to take them to one of their leadership conferences.
My aunt and dad came over to Orlando and stayed with us. My dad went to the conference with us and my aunt watched Kate. {of course that didn't go exactly as planned because my aunt got this horrible stomach bug.. but thank goodness it only lasted a couple days... and she was able to watch Kate during the conference and while we went to Universal.}

I love Disney. Where I am from in Florida, Disney World is only about 1.5 hours from my home. We went all the time and my family (cousins, aunts & uncles, etc) still go all the time. I really wanted to take Kate to the Magic Kingdom and so did my dad, but we decided to wait until next year to actually take her into a park. It was going to just about kill me, so I had to give her a couple tates of Disney.

We took her to Disney's Wide World of Sports for her first MLB baseball game. My dad got us tickets (THANK YOU DAD!) and we went to see the Yankee/Braves. I think she is going to love baseball as much as her daddy (or at least love watching all the people). She had fun and wouldn't stop smiling {except of course when we were taking photos}.

On Wednesday night, we took her to a Cinderella dinner at the Grand Floridian. All the characters from Cinderella were there and it was so cute. (We also saw mom's dressed up as princesses.. which was very entertaining, but kind of sad.)

On Friday we took her to breakfast at the Polynesian (my favorite hotel). She had her first Mickey Pancakes and some Tonga Toast (my favorite). We took her into the store there and she picked out a little Mickey doll. She wouldn't let go of it. I talked Justin into getting it for her. (He let me know that we don't have to get her everything she wants and it is ok to let her cry. I told him that I understood, but I didn't want that day to be the day we taught her that lesson.)

We also road her around on the monorail. Here she is with her Mickey on the monorail.

Kate's final taste of Disney was at Downtown Disney. Justin took her on a little train ride. It was so cute! I was so happy that she seemed to enjoy everything. She smiled the whole time. (I actually think this is just a phase she is going through, but she convinced her Daddy that she loves Disney enough to plan a trip for next year.) I am so proud of her!! I can't wait for next year... her 2nd birthday is going to be awesome! {FYI - I am secretly dreading her first birthday... I am stressed out and overwhelmed.. want it to be "perfect" and don't know what I am doing!}

Sorry for the long post... but come on it is about Disney... the most "magical" place on earth!


Q&K said...

what cute Disney pics. Love the one of her with her mickey on her lap. I have some tips for a 1st bday party. No need to stress at all. We kept it simple and had a blast. I'll drop you an email about it :-) -kristin

Mrs. H said...

It is a great event. We attended the one three years ago when we lived in FL. Great, great time. (And a wonderful perk w/ the free tix! Although, we ended up giving our tix to hubby's sister who also lived down there and we used our Disney passes and spent the time there instead as well :)