Saturday, November 1, 2008

When will this election be over?

I am so looking forward to November 5th when all the political ads stop and all the votes are in.  I am not really one who gets into politics, but this election season has been so crazy.  How can I not pay attention?  All the hype has really sucked me in.  I have to admit that I think Obama is going to win and I started getting some anxiety thinking about it.  Is he linked to terrorist?  He is socialist?  The abortion issue really concerns me as well.  With all of that on my mind, I saw this video John Piper did about the election.  I really feel that he puts everything into perspective.  I have posted the shortened version here, but he also does a longer version.  You can go to his blog: Desiring God Blog to see the long version.  I would definitely  take a couple minutes to watch the short version.  I am so glad that those of us who have a relationship with Jesus Christ can rest in Him and know that HE is in control... not a president.

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lea said...

whoo hoo! so glad you have a blog for me to read!